Saturday, November 29, 2014

Habitat? Oh, The Humanity

While snooping around the net the other day, I decided to see if I could locate some of my long-lost blogs. I found a few gems over on WordPress. I use the word "gems" in the academic sense, especially since words like "pedantic" scare me. Several of these early writings were primitive, and that's being kind. (I can't believe I ended one blog with "to be continued following a Taco Bell break". Really, what was I thinking?)

The blog of choice was a wonderful venue to release frustrations wrought by a thankless and miserable job. At the end of the day, I could engage in "narrative therapy for fun and profit", assuming that the monetization option worked. (It didn't.)

After hours' worth of taking abuse from two assistant managers whose job, apparently, was to inflict abuse on low-wage employees while basking in air conditioned comfort, venting a few how-dare-you's" in the comfort of my home (and shorts) helped me to prepare for the abuses of the next workday.

I think that's how I got into trouble; one day, following an especially trying afternoon, I sought the counsel of my boss's boss, only to discover that she was rarely in her office, and was, apparently, loathe to return phone calls.

That, of course, fanned the fire of my rather flame-kissed tongue.

"The ladies who work in the office", I mused, "are too busy chasing mice around their offices late at night and drinking milk from their saucers to deal with employee issues". Now, I'm all for free speech. I'm also a bit of a hothead at times, feeling rather put out by assistant managers who chain smoke while watching the rest of the employees carry slate top tables, shower/tub units, and all kinds of floor tile for customers. The fact that such a leader can't actually be relied upon to, um, lead, isn't good for morale, even if it is good for blogging material.

It took approximately .002 seconds for my executive director to discover my less-than-gentlemanly redress of grievances. It took even less time for her to express her opinion of my right to free speech, if issuing a written evaluation and an unpaid three day vacation were indications of her thoughts on the matter. "And don't even think of setting foot on the property this Saturday", was effectively her parting shot.

As I was a part time employee, I never actually received any type of paid vacation during my seven year tenure in the ol' sweat box. I was admittedly confused regarding her verdict. Mean to say I'm being granted a Saturday off  -something which only the managers ever get to enjoy? Well, heck, lady. In that case, maybe I should also mention something about the store manager kicking the dock doors off of the hinges in a rage reaction to a customer.

It's easy to feel sour about the entire experience. Leaders should lead by example rather than by abuse of authority. Call me crazy, but I'm of the opinion that Christian organizations should actually try being Christian. It could be the case that feeling so insecure about holding a position of responsibility that one feels the need to snap at his employees with reckless abandon is counterproductive.

I'm free from an oppressive job. I'm thankful that the seven years there didn't jade my opinion of my faith, despite numerous apparent attempts to the contrary.

I tell you, if Moses had seen what goes on in that store, there would have been another commandment. Still, I'm free and I'm doing well, thank you.

I think that's because these days I spend most of my time in my habitat.

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