Monday, July 14, 2014

In The Dark

William Tecumseh Sherman once said "war is hell". That seems an apt description, according to those whom have served under combat conditions. The carnage, the destruction, the families devastated by the ravages wrought by political and economic differences -all of these have bestowed accuracy to the term.

And then there's Hamas.

Yes, that wacky, out-of-step motley gang of misfits who consider themselves "Palestinian", though there actually isn't currently a Palestine anywhere, unless Detroit counts. Their latest gaffe has left me holding my sides from the pain of laughing too hard. Seems that the ersatz commando wannabes fired another rocket into Israel, targeting a power station which was supplying electricity to Palestinians, including themselves, in the Gaza Strip. That's right. Hamas, in its will to "wipe Israel off the map", has left seventy thousand Palestinians without electricity instead.

Now, this whole "Palestinian self-determination" at least sounded noble at one time. Yassir Arafat -they guy who chronically looked like he hadn't shaved for five days- was fond of that phrase. The Palestinian Liberation Organization must be spinning in its grave, trying its best to endure the embarrassment of being so self-determining that its civilian proponents have to rely on Israel for electricity and water. And now, seventy thousand are without electricity, owing to the antics of a terrorist group which seems to have crammed for its Terrorism 101 midterm. I can hear the conversation now. "Jerry, you insect! Thanks to you we can't watch '1,001 Ways To Bomb Israeli Busses on Channel Four!'" The utter stupidity of the Hamas movement, if it can even be called a movement, is so laughable that it makes Monsanto look credible by comparison. Imagine the delight of someone in the Gaza Strip cheering on Hamas, only to be left in the dark. Can you appreciate the delicious symbolism here? Support the wrong side, suffer the consequences.

The Palestinians, as they refer to themselves, are second and third generation troublemakers who have been kicked out of every Arab and Muslim nation in the entire Mideast for stirring up their nasty hijinks. Those folk finally found a piece of land and squatted on it until the Jewish people returned to the land which is rightly and historically theirs, coming home in 1948 and fulfilling Biblical prophecy. Suddenly, the squatters claimed that "Palestine" was being invaded, and they've been committing one atrocity after another against Israel. Everyone needs a nation. The "Palestinians" have had innumerable opportunities to have theirs. And every time, without exception, their response has been to attack an innocent, unarmed Israeli civilian population while hiding behind human shields whom the oh-so-tough guys claim to be standing up for.  I haven't checked the dictionary lately, but I'm pretty sure that "standing up for people" isn't defined by using them to take bullets meant for you. Just sayin'.

I support Israel. I always have and I always will. I make no apologies for doing the right thing. I would hope that Hamas would apologize to the other anti-Israeli terror groups for being so ridiculously inept, disband in disgrace, and go find a hobby.

And no, model rockets doesn't count. They might commit another misfire, and take out a gas station.



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