Thursday, January 17, 2013

Snow Job

Supermarkets in the area are overrun with throngs of panicked shoppers whenever meteorologists predict snow.

Take today as an example. One grocery store near to me was so packed with shoppers that even the pharmacys parking lot next door was packed. The local CBS affiliate mentioned that this part of the state is under a winter storm warning. "What time is the snow supposed to fall?" -a virtually impossible question to answer, seemingly- became the operative question as people left work early to load up on everything from multi grain bread to snickerdoodle cookies.

Now, I'm all for taking precautions. Certainly, those who live on Bent Mountain need to prepare for any eventuality of being trapped by weather. For the rest of us, however, that shouldn't be a problem.

Especially when the forecast is upward of four inces and the next day's temperatures will be in the fifties.

I live in an apartment complex, and let me tell you we're a hardy lot here. When snow is announced, you better believe we're off to Kroger, Food Lion, WalMart -anyplace where we can get our carbohydrate fix. Like everyone else, I mused over the possibility that, being stuck on top of the hill here, I had better go get something to eat "or else". "Or Else" to me means being subjected to the horror of not having those wonderful smoked cheddar-flavored crackers on hand when the four-inch blizzard coats the entire region with literally thousands of snowflakes. I apologize for my sarcasm, but I'm not happy with my impulse purchases. Why I purchased "serum spray" for my luscious locks is beyond me. I guess I didn't want to be the only one here brushing snow off the car's windows with dry, unmanageable hair.

On the other hand, it was kind of neat to help support the local economy. Not to rationalize, but I have a bad cold and I needed some medicine desperately. While amidst all of those aisles, soda pop was nearby, not that I can taste it at the moment. There were other factors to consider, such as protein. A growing boy like me needs those wonderful, precut ninety percent lean hamburger patties. And what self-respecting hamburger could possibly be complete without corn dusted deli rolls over in Aisle Two? One purchase led to another, and within the space of twenty minutes I had loaded my cart down with fifty-one dollars and seventy-four cents worth of supplies to help me ride out the storm.

Three dollars went for a light bulb to replace one which blew in my vanity mirror, so it wasn't a total waste of money.

On the way out, I stopped to observe the hoards of soon-to-be shoppers circling the lot. Anxiety etched in their faces, it was as though I could read their thoughts: "all right, Adcox. We know you got the last bag of deli rolls". The sense of urgency among my fellow shoppers was overwhelming, which seemed a stark contrast against those four wheel drive vehicles filling up half of the parking lot -trucks which could climb Ulugh Muztagh and still have enough power left over to pull a camping trailer.

As for me, I made it safely home, narrowly avoiding -by a mere eighteen hours, mind you- a blizzard sure to blanket much of western Virginia by literally millimeters of the white stuff. Relaxing in the smug satisfaction, I knew I would be safe.

Yes, inclement weather came. I was prepared to be snowed in for approximately an hour and a half.

And, next time I'll be ready for the snow job.


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